Commercial Photo Gallery

Commercial Water Heater Burst in Ceiling

SERVPRO of NORTH LAWRENCEVILLE were quick to respond when the franchise received a call regarding a commercial flood. The flood originated in the drop ceiling. The water heater had burst in the ceiling affecting ceiling tiles and carpet. Water extraction was done, ceiling tiles and partial carpet removed. Equipment was placed in several offices. Our trained and uniformed professionals are always available 24/7. Call 678-376-5515.

Rehabilitation Outpatient Center Floods

Cooler line broke and caused flooding in several offices in this outpatient center. Rehabilitation equipment had to be moved so water extraction could take place and equipment set in affected rooms. Call SERVPRO of North Lawrenceville at 678-376-5515 and let the HEROES in the green vans assist you "Like it never even happened."

Commercial Office Building Sustained Water Damage

A broken water pipe in a large commercial building affected several offices and hallways. Furniture was moved to other areas to allow our production crew to extract the water. Several pieces of equipment were also placed throughout the area.

Commercial Fire in Kitchen in Lawrenceville, Georgia

Resident left stove unattended while cooking. This fire caused heavy smoke damage and set off the sprinklers in the ceilings. Extensive work was required to put this building back and habitable again. 

Broken Water Pipe in Breezeway Attic Ceiling

This commercial building sustained major damage when attic water pipe was not sealed properly. Significant amounts of water flowed into apartments below causing major damage to ceilings and walls. Multiple units were affected.

Broken Water Line in Commercial Building in Lawrenceville, Georgia

The main water line in this commercial building broke and caused significant damage to this building. SERVPRO was there to quickly start the mitigation process to restore this building "Like it never even happened."