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Torrential Downpour Causes Basement to Flood

Heavy storms in the area brought significant amounts of rain in a short period of time. SERVPRO of NORTH LAWRENCEVILLE was contacted by this homeowner when their basement water started to rise. This customer knew they could count on our franchise to restore order back into their lives. Water extraction was completed "Like it never even happened."  Call 678-376-5515  24/7 

Grease Fire Causes Severe Kitchen Damage

Unattended food cooking on stove ignited this grease fire. Entire kitchen cabinets, ceiling, walls and floors were removed. All appliances were also removed. Other rooms in this home were also affected with water damage and soot. SERVPRO of NORTH LAWRENCEVILLE Franchise Professionals are trained in the care of our customer's home and personal belongings following a fire incident. Call 678-376-5515  

Water Damage Extraction

When an unexpected pipe broke in the ladies room ceiling, this local church knew to call the professionals at SERVPRO OF NORTH LAWRENCEVIILE at 678-376-5515. Armed with industry approved equipment and expertise, our highly trained crew immediately started the process of restoring "Like it never even happened." Our franchise is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help our customers get their life back.

Storm Damage Caused By Lightning

Homeowners property was damaged when lightning struck their roof. The fire caused damage to bedroom ceilings and walls. SERVPRO of NORTH LAWRENCEVIILE were quick to respond. Ceilings were removed along with wet blown insulation. Plastic was hung to close up open areas. Job was completed "Like it never even happened."  678-376-5515

Commercial Water Heater Burst in Ceiling

SERVPRO of NORTH LAWRENCEVILLE were quick to respond when the franchise received a call regarding a commercial flood. The flood originated in the drop ceiling. The water heater had burst in the ceiling affecting ceiling tiles and carpet. Water extraction was done, ceiling tiles and partial carpet removed. Equipment was placed in several offices. Our trained and uniformed professionals are always available 24/7. Call 678-376-5515.

Rehabilitation Outpatient Center Floods

Cooler line broke and caused flooding in several offices in this outpatient center. Rehabilitation equipment had to be moved so water extraction could take place and equipment set in affected rooms. Call SERVPRO of North Lawrenceville at 678-376-5515 and let the HEROES in the green vans assist you "Like it never even happened."

Kitchen Fire in Lawrenceville, GA

This homeowner had originally contacted another restoration company to assist him with a kitchen fire. He felt that the progress of this job was not moving along as he expected. After several excuses from them, he decided to call SERVPRO of NORTH LAWRENCEVILLE at 678-376-5515 and he's so glad that he made that decision. Our highly qualified and professional team arrived and met with him. All procedures and a time frame for completion were discussed. SERVPRO of NORTH LAWRENCEVILLE completed this job and restored his home "Like it never even happened," ahead of schedule. He mentioned he would recommend SERVPRO OF NORTH LAWRENCEVILLE to his real estate clients in the future. Our customers are our NUMBER 1 priority.  

Home Boarded Up After Severe Fire Loss

Property owner experienced large loss on her home. Fire originated outside and quickly spread to her interior. Many rooms were affected but SERVPRO OF NORTH LAWRENCEVILLE was there to assist every way possible. Our expertise working with insurance adjusters and our highly trained franchise personnel, allowed this major job to run as smoothly as possible. Call 678-376-5515 and let us show you how we can  restore your investment back "Like it never even happened."

Pressure Regulator Failure in Lawrenceville, Ga

Residential home experienced water damage in 4 rooms when pressure regulator failed. SERVPRO OF NORTH LAWRENCEVILLE was able to handle the water extraction and set stabilizing equipment. Tile floor in bathroom was removed along with wet carpet and pad. Homeowner was very pleased with our quick response time. Call 678-376-5515 if you are ever in need of our highly trained professionals.

Washing Machine Overflowed Causing Damage to Hallway Flooring.

SERVPRO OF NORTH LAWRENCEVILLE was quick to dispatch their crew when a call came in regarding a washing machine overflow. Homeowner experienced water damage in laundry room, hallway, garage and storage closet. Fortunately they knew the right call to make was 678-376-5515. Let our highly trained professionals handle your emergencies.

Four Stacked Bathrooms Impacted by Water

A toilet leak on the 4th floor of this building caused damage to the 3 lower levels. Walls were partially cut and insulation was removed. Baseboards were removed and cavity holes were drilled. Proper equipment was placed in affected areas. SERVPRO of North Lawrenceville had handled jobs at this location in the past. Their Executive Director of Facilities along with their Facilities Director, knew SERVPRO of North Lawrenceville would their surpass their expectations. We restored the rooms "Like it never even happened" Continued loyalty by our customers, speaks volumes to our franchise.

Foundation Leak in Residential Home

Homeowner had sustained water intrusion from foundation leak. Her carpet in the living was affected. She was deeply concerned because she had company arriving from out of town. SERVPRO of North Lawrenceville was there in less than one hour to extract the water, removed the pad and rolled back the carpet. Serving our local customers is of great value in time of urgency. SERVPRO of North Lawrenceville is locally owned and operated. Customer was extremely pleased with the entire process. 

Toilet Supply Line Broke in Commercial Building

This building unfortunately suffered water damage when a toilet supply line broke. Water was extracted and equipment was placed. Cavity holes were drilled into exterior walls to assist in the drying process. SERVPRO of North Lawrenceville has responded to Fire and Water losses at this location in the past. Building relationships with our customers are very important to our franchise.

Foyer Floor Damaged from Broken Supply Line

This residential home was damaged from a broken supply line on the refrigerator. SERVPRO of North Lawrenceville was able to extract the water and remove all damaged floors.Equipment was placed in various rooms. Due to homeowners health and limitations, we met them at times and locations that were convenient to them. SERVPRO of North Lawrenceville did everything possible to accommodate their requests.

Hurricane Winds and Storms Downed Tree in Residential Home

Home in Lawrenceville, Georgia suffered major damage as a hurricane swept through the area. Roof was severely damaged by a tree that had fallen. The bathroom was left with a gaping hole above the tub.

Drain Pipe on Roof Could Not Handle Influx of Water

Heavy storms and rain in the Lawrenceville, Georgia area, caused damage to the roof on this structure. The drainage pipe that had been installed in past, was unable to redirect all water. High moisture content caused a section of ceiling below to collapse.

Heavy Storm Caused Basement Flooding in Lawrenceville, Georgia

This residential home is located in close proximity to a creek. Driving rains caused the creek to rise and flood basement. Outside drainage pipe could not handle the heavy downpour all at once. Unfortunately, overflow entered the home.

Heavy Rain From Storm Causes Water Intrusion

Residential dwelling suffers  water damage from heavy storms. Torrential rainfall and heavy winds caused water to enter through the homes foundation. Wet pad and carpet was removed. Water extraction was done and equipment was placed in several rooms.

Toilet Overflow Causes Damage to Home

Homeowner experienced a toilet overflow during the night. Significant damage was evident in the bathroom, bedroom and downstairs. Water had leaked into the ceiling in the basement. Insulation was saturated and ceiling tiles were removed. Water was extracted along with some removal of flooring.

CAT 3 Water Backup from Washing Machine

Residents home suffered water damage that originated in the laundry room. Washing machine drain backup caused damage to three rooms in this home. Flooring had to be removed along with flood cuts to the walls.

Water Damage in Finished Basement

Homeowners water heater busted in finished basement. Water extraction was completed and carpet was removed. Several pieces of furniture had to be relocated to other areas to allow access to damaged area.

Extensive Damage in Homeowner's Garage

Homeowners were cooking in the garage using a deep fryer. Fryer was not being monitored and caused flames to ignite garage walls. There was damage to walls and ceiling. Walls had to be cleaned on adjacent rooms.

Unattended Burning on the Stove

Homeowner was using the stove to burn incense. This fire spread to the microwave and cabinets above. Smoke damage was heavy on the kitchen ceiling and walls. It was necessary to clean some contents also.

Space Heater Left Unattended on Back Porch

Residents left a space heater plugged in and unattended on their back porch. Fire totally destroyed the back deck and the rear exterior of this home. Kitchen was also damaged by the fire. There was extensive smoke damage to other rooms. Back of the home was boarded up.

Fire Damage to Residential Home

Yard fire was set to help kill the weeds in the sod. Fire got out of control and unfortunately caught this home on fire too. There was severe damage to the back of this home.

Commercial Office Building Sustained Water Damage

A broken water pipe in a large commercial building affected several offices and hallways. Furniture was moved to other areas to allow our production crew to extract the water. Several pieces of equipment were also placed throughout the area.

Commercial Fire in Kitchen in Lawrenceville, Georgia

Resident left stove unattended while cooking. This fire caused heavy smoke damage and set off the sprinklers in the ceilings. Extensive work was required to put this building back and habitable again. 

Broken Water Pipe in Breezeway Attic Ceiling

This commercial building sustained major damage when attic water pipe was not sealed properly. Significant amounts of water flowed into apartments below causing major damage to ceilings and walls. Multiple units were affected.

Broken Water Line in Commercial Building in Lawrenceville, Georgia

The main water line in this commercial building broke and caused significant damage to this building. SERVPRO was there to quickly start the mitigation process to restore this building "Like it never even happened."

Part of the SERVPRO of North Lawrenceville Fleet

This pickup truck is part of the SERVPRO of North Lawrenceville fleet. We use this vehicle to respond to any of the emergency calls that may strike your Lawrenceville property.


This is just a small batch of our larger dehumidifiers that we use to assist drying out your water damaged structure. 

If your residential or commercial property suffers a water loss, call SERVPRO of North Lawrenceville at 678-376-5515, to see these pieces of equipment in action.

Happy Birthday John Barrie

Today we are celebrating owner John Barrie's birthday! Happy Birthday John!

New Family Member

Here is the latest addition to the SERVPRO of North Lawrenceville family.

Air Movers Ready to Go

Here is just a small batch of our air movers that we always have ready to help dry out your Lawrenceville home or place of business when it suffers from a water loss.


Always Ready

Here is our trailer that typically gets used during pack outs to your Lawrenceville residence or place of business. This allows us to safely transport your belongings back to our warehouse for storage during the mitigation process.

Spreading the Word

Our new marketing vehicle, getting out there to spread the word about SERVPRO of North Lawrenceville! Look for this vehicle around the Lawrenceville area and remember that we are always ready to assist you when a disaster strikes!